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Welcome to As a special PCB vendor in Washington State of USA, we provide PCB fabrication services from 1-layer, 2-layer, 4-layer up to 16-layer, include normal temperature 293F (145C) to high temperature 356F (180C) degree. We deliver individual PCBs or panel PCBs, depend on our customer selection. When need, we panelize PCBs for our customers, it is another always free service from us. Except regular PCB features, we can make cutout/slot on PCBs, gold plating on PCB connection fingers, peelable solder mask ink protection, castellation holes, via in pad, blind via hole, buried via hole, Microsectioning. For multi-layer PCBs, we can make Controlled Impedance boards. All PCBs we fabricate will be completely electrical test. So you can receive problem free and worry free PCBs. Plus our price is very competitive in the current whole PCB market, from prototype PCBs to mass production. We provide high quality PCB manufacturing service to small, medium and large electronic and computer companies all over the world.

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